HamsterStew making online racing HAMSTER!

HamsterStew allows for a better on-line race simulation experience.

Idle servers

Features you can enjoy today!

  • Warns and kicks players who crash excessively.
  • Rank players according to their safety record and their race performance.
  • Announces the best laps and other important events during the race.
  • Leaderboards with the fastest times.
  • Saves race's results.
  • Allows planning of races.
  • Connect your own dedicated server to HamsterStew.
  • Managing of dedicated server through the web interface.


New Feature

An option to disable safety rating temporarily have been added
to the DS Admin menu.
Feel free to test it as much as possible.

New Forum

I have added a dedicated forum for HamsterStew to ease communication.
It can be found here: HamsterStew Forum


For a testing period, HamsterStew will provide a teamspeak server.
The server is located at: ts.poop.dk - Password is: hamster

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